Boat aavante bar 1500 Complete review ( India 2022 )

Boat aavante bar 1500 Complete review ( India 2022 )

TVs are getting bigger, the panels look wonderful, and the picture quality is excellent thanks to new technology. They don’t have decent sound, for example. You can also use it if you have a soundbar. With surround sound, they can make you feel like you’re in the middle of a movie. BoAt, an Indian sound … Read more

Best soundbar under 30000 INR (11 Mar 2022)

Best soundbar under 30000

Are you looking for the best soundbar that costs under 30,000 rs in India? You’ve found the right place! This is a list of the best soundbars that don’t cost more than Rs 30,000 each. At the 30k price point, you get a good range of soundbar features and performance. You can expect a lot … Read more

Best Soundbar under 10000 ( India 2022 )

Best Soundbar under 10000

Don’t dismiss a soundbar simply on the basis of its output. Judge In terms of how it sounds in real life, I’m not saying that the quality of the output doesn’t matter, but there isn’t a single approach to choose the greatest soundbar. JBL Cinema SB231 Dolby Digital Soundbar It includes a wired subwoofer with … Read more