Release of the Fire Boltt Ninja Pro Max smartwatch You may get it for Rs. 1899. It has a SpO2 tracker.

In India, the Fire Boltt Ninja Pro Max smartwatch has been out for a while now. It’s a cheap smartwatch that has a lot of features. This watch has a lot of features, from alerts for calls and texts to monitoring your SpO2.

In India, Fire Boltt has come up with yet another cheap smartwatch. If you want to buy the Ninja Pro Max with fire bolts from the company, you can do that now. The price isn’t too high. Although this smartwatch is cheap, it has a lot of features.

The brand’s new wristwatch comes with a lot of different features, like a blood and oxygen level tracker, a heart rate monitor, a blood pressure sensor, and a sleep tracker, among other things. Another smartwatch from the company is the Fire Bolt Ninja Pro Max. The company also makes the Ninja 2, and it has a smartwatch called the Ninja 2 Max.


This low-cost smartwatch comes with a screen that is 1.6 inches wide and full HD. When it comes with its silicone band, it is said to be the best watch for looking at a screen. 

This includes a lot of different sports modes and trackers. To check your SpO2, you can use a watch. People who buy this watch can use it to check their blood pressure, track how well they sleep and check their heart rate. In Fire Bolt Ninja Pro Max, there are 27 different sports modes that you can play. IP68 water resistance.

It has smart notifications. That means phone and text notifications will show up on the watch. In order to run, it has a 200 mAh battery. This battery has a life of 8 days and a standby time of 30 days. The watch is 9.5mm thick. If you have iOS 9.0 or later and Android 4.4 or later, you can use this.

Show off your skills!

A lot of people look at the 1.6-inch LCD screen. It has a 240 x 288-pixel resolution and a fully capacitive touch screen, so you can walk around outside in the sun without having to turn down the brightness on your screen.

a 1.6″ Full Touch Display with a resolution of 240*288 pixels.

Monitoring of SpO2

NINJA PRO MAX’s SpO2 tracking is very important in the current COVID-19 situation, and it’s very accurate and easy to use. This makes it a must-have on your watch.

Keeping an eye on SpO2.

Wellness at its finest.

Put your health first with the Fire-Boltt NINJA PRO MAX, your fitness partner. In order to help you understand your heart at all times, the NINJA PRO MAX’s dynamic HR tracking is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help. Track your sleep patterns with the NINJA PRO MAX’s advanced sleep tracking. It tracks both light and deep sleep patterns, so you can prepare for a good night’s sleep. As soon as you start to feel overwhelmed by the speed of things, use the built-in Breathe Mode to take a quick breather.

  • You should keep an eye on your heart rate.
  • Keeping track of how much sleep you get
  • Breathing in a calm way.

A level of fitness that you have never seen before.

Take a look around and find the motivation you need to keep moving and track your workout stats more precisely than ever before. Whether you’re at the gym or on the road, You can start working out right away with the Fire-Boltt NINJA PRO MAX because it has 27 different sports modes and automatically tracks your moves.

  • When you use Steps and Fitness, you can choose from 27 different sports modes.

The force that can’t be stopped

For eight straight days after being charged, the Fire-Boltt NINJA PRO MAX is with you.

  • A battery that lasts 8 days can last that long.
  • Time on standby for 30 days.

Friendly Splashes

When you sweat it out with NINJA PRO MAX’s IP68 water resistance, you don’t have to worry about getting wet or splashed with water.

IP68 water resistance.

It makes sure that you’re connected to your phone even when you don’t have it with you. It also lets you know about all of your messages, calls, and social media notifications when you don’t have them with you.

Getting an alert when a phone call comes in Notification that a text message has been sent to your cell phone

How much does it cost for the Fire Boltt Ninja Pro Max?

The manufacturer has set the price for this smartwatch at Rs. 1,899 for the first time. If you want it, Flipkart is a good place to get it. Flipkart will be the only place where you can buy this smartwatch, so make sure you go there first. This comes in eight different colors, says the brand. There are a lot of colors to choose from, like black and yellow.

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