Best soundbar under 30000 INR (11 Mar 2022)

Best soundbar under 30000

Are you looking for the best soundbar that costs under 30,000 rs in India? You’ve found the right place! This is a list of the best soundbars that don’t cost more than Rs 30,000 each. At the 30k price point, you get a good range of soundbar features and performance. You can expect a lot … Read more

Best Soundbar under 10000 ( India 2022 )

Best Soundbar under 10000

Don’t dismiss a soundbar simply on the basis of its output. Judge In terms of how it sounds in real life, I’m not saying that the quality of the output doesn’t matter, but there isn’t a single approach to choose the greatest soundbar. JBL Cinema SB231 Dolby Digital Soundbar It includes a wired subwoofer with … Read more

Release of the Fire Boltt Ninja Pro Max smartwatch You may get it for Rs. 1899. It has a SpO2 tracker.

Release of the Fire Boltt Ninja Pro Max smartwatch You may get it for Rs. 1899. It has a SpO2 tracker.

In India, the Fire Boltt Ninja Pro Max smartwatch has been out for a while now. It’s a cheap smartwatch that has a lot of features. This watch has a lot of features, from alerts for calls and texts to monitoring your SpO2. In India, Fire Boltt has come up with yet another cheap smartwatch. … Read more

The Lenovo IdeaCentre 5 17IAB7 Gaming PC is said to be powered by 12th generation Intel Alder Lake processors.

This new version of Lenovo’s gaming PC, the Lenovo IdeaCentre 5 17IAB7, is said to have been released, but we don’t know for sure. Intel Core i7 ‘Alder Lake’ processors are said to be inside the new gaming PC. There are a lot of different AMD and Nvidia graphics processors that people can choose from. … Read more

5 Best soundbar under 7000 in India 2022

Best soundbar under 7000

It’s important to have a soundbar because your new TV has a beautiful 4K resolution, but the sound isn’t good enough for you. So you need to get sound devices for your appliances so that you can enjoy movies, games, and music more when you use them. It took us a while to find the best … Read more

Best soundbar under 50000 INR in India (April 2022)

Best soundbar under 50000

Are you fed up with your LED or Smart TV’s poor sound quality? True, no matter how amazing your TV’s picture quality is, it will always fall short in the sound department. It’s because, in today’s modern television market, corporations fight to deliver the finest picture quality, and in the process, they sacrifice audio quality. … Read more

Best 11 inch laptop under 20000 and many more (2022)


If you want to be able to spend a lot of time on the internet or on social media, you need to be able to do so from any place. Many people these days want laptops with better Connectivity so that they can surf on their devices from anywhere. However, those wireless capabilities require more … Read more