Complete Sony HT-G700 review ( India 2022 )

Sony released the HT-G700 soundbar in 2020. When it comes to movies, it can play Dolby Atmos content via its HDMI ARC and Full HDMI In connections. It must first be downmixed into stereo. Despite its boomy sound, there are seven EQ presets that may be used to optimize your audio experience based on the type of content youre listening to. As a result, it may sound quite loud, but when the volume is adjusted, there is a lot of thumping and compression. To find out more, read the entire Sony HT-G700 review.

Design and specifications for the Sony HT-G700

I think the G700s would make an excellent soundbar. The purpose of the soundbar system is to be heard more than to be seen. Some basic Sony logos can be found on the top of the primary speaker and subwoofer.

In the main speaker unit, theyre known as left, right, and center. a single low-cost computer fan. They both produce 400W of power, and the kit includes a remote control, an HDMI cable, and both power cords. The HT-G700 uses Sonys Vertical Surround Engine to simulate a 7.1.2-channel speaker system. The HT-G700 can play Dolby sound formats up to Dolby Atmos and DTS:X on it.

The Sony HT-main G700s unit is almost the same length as a 50-inch television in this scenario. You can place your TV on a table or hang it on the wall beneath it once you have it. Because the subwoofer is somewhat large, make sure there is enough room on the floor near your television for it to move around. The main speaker and subwoofer will be plugged into two locations.

It features a screen, but its just text visible through the grille of the main speaker unit. It has enough text to read from 10 to 12 feet away, yet its small enough that you wont notice. When you turn on the HT-G700, it displays the type of source. It also shows the volume levels for the main unit and the subwoofer, as well as other settings that can be changed from afar.

Youll be able to select the type of music to play as well as the volume of the main speaker. A little LED on the wireless subwoofer indicates whether it is on or off. I never used the power and connection buttons on the rear of the HT-G700.

You can make more precise adjustments with the remote than with the devices controls.

The subwoofer connects wirelessly to the main speaker unit as soon as it is switched off, allowing both to play music together. This allowed me to relocate the subwoofer and reduce the number of wires visible from the street. Its interesting how simple it is to use.

The Sony HT-G700 soundbars remote is small and light, but it can perform all functions with just a few strokes. This is because the remote is small and light. Theres also a screen dimmer and a few other buttons I rarely use. Two AAA batteries are required, which are included in the package.

The Sony HT-connectivity G700s are adequate for most modern televisions and sources, but not exceptional. The output supports HDMI ARC, eARC, and HDMI CEC, as well as HDMI. It also supports 60 frames per second of Dolby Vision HDR movies. Theres also a Toslink optical audio input, as well as Bluetooth 5, which supports SBC and AAC codecs.

Sony HT-G700: What’s in the Box?

When you open the box, youll find the soundbar plus a wireless subwoofer inside. The box also includes the remote control, an HDMI cable, and wall mounting brackets, among other things. Youll also receive two AAA batteries with your purchase. The remote control that comes with the device is compact and includes all of the necessary functions. It looks a lot like the Sony HT-S20R remote control, which is a good thing because it looks like it. The Sony HT-Z9F and Sony HT-X8500 both contain a Vertical Surround button on the remote control. Instead, we have an Immersive AE button, which will be discussed further in the performance section. You should know that you can operate the soundbar with the TV remote when connecting it to the TV. This is known as ARC (or eARC).

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Performance of the Sony HT-G700

To begin, let us clear up a few points. When connected to your television through HDMI, there is no on-screen menu. If you want to adjust any of the soundbars settings, you must do so via the small screen on the front. Because the HT-Z9F was so simple to use, its a little disappointing that you cant access the settings via your large screen. People who like to mess around with settings like me are nitpicking at this point because this is supposed to be a simple, plug-and-play thing.

Because the soundbar supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, do not anticipate sound coming from above or behind you, even if the soundbar is capable of doing so. At the very least, when you view or listen to content, you should be able to hear more from the front. I believe we should all be realistic about the quality of surround sound we can get without using separate speakers for each component. Unless were discussing something like the Sennheiser Ambeo or the Sony HT-ST5000, we never discuss such things.

Sony HT-G700 Pros And Cons


  • A big, heavy sound
  • The atmospheric effect is stunning.
  • Sturdy and fashionable.


  • Lack of clarity and sharpness
  • There is no streaming capability.
  • Optional Sound Enhancement

The Sony HT-G700 does an incomplete job of enhancing the sound. It lacks a feature that allows it to adjust its sound in different rooms. However, this subwoofer lacks bass and treble adjustments, which is a shame. Some EQ presets might assist you in achieving a more appropriate sound for your audio. There are seven of them available. S-Force PROs virtual surround sound functionality, as well as its Vertical Surround Engine and DTS Virtual: X, is always enabled. These are also always on.

  • Room Improvement There is no dialogue enhancement.
  • Dark Mode/Auto-Volume Yes
  • Subwoofer Level Control: Yes
  • No Treble Modification EQ Presets arent available.
  • Adjusting the surround sound There is no rear level adjustment. 
  • There is no height adjustment available. 
  • Virtual Surround is unavailable.


For dialogue and TV shows, the Sony HT-G700 is ideal. Despite its boomy sound profile, it can nonetheless generate voices that are clear and precise. It has considerable volume to fill a large room or a busy area, and it also has a dialogue enhancement option to make speech clearer. You may also broadcast your favourite podcasts or audiobooks to the bar over Bluetooth.


  • Sound 4
  • Features 4
  • Build 5

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